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I'm New.

My name is Rachel. I come from a little town about an hour away from Buffalo, New York. I am straight, but unfortunately not single (haha). Some bands I like are: The Casualties, A Global Threat, Lower Class Brats, The Exploited, Sham 69, Virus, Dead Kennedys, Blanks 77, Circle Jerks, Oxymoron, The Boils, Agnostic Front,  [Sub][Hum][Ans], etc...... I love to go to shows, although not that many good ones come through Buffalo. I also love to mosh and POGO. I enjoy drinking and being drunk and occasionally taking pills, but I do not smoke or do any other drugs. What else do you fuckers want to know? anything? If so, drop by my LJ and I'll add you. Welcome me with love you fuckers!

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